10 Smart Tips for a Successful Attic Renovation

Depending on the purpose you decide to give to your remodeled area, attic renovation can easily be one of the remodeling projects that offer the biggest return on investment. After all, it is adding extra space to your property, and there is nothing bad with extra space. One of the biggest advantages of an attic renovation is that you can transform it into anything you want, from an additional bedroom to a true spa-like bathroom. So, if you have decided to treat your attic to a makeover, here are ten tips that will help you make it a successful one.

Make safety your top priority

Not all attics are the same, but all of them must obey some safety codes. For example, at least half of the attic has to be seven feet or higher. You can consult a local building official or discuss it with your contractor who should be able to apply those rules to your attic. Also, an engineer should check the house foundation to see if it can carry the extra load.

Consider the access to the room

If you are really planning on turning your attic into a functional room, you can’t possibly climb up the pull-down stairs every time. Instead, you should introduce a staircase that saves space while not compromising on the aesthetics. The perfect solution is a modular staircase, such as the one designed by the Space Maka Built experts.

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Decide about the function

Why do you need that extra space? Do you have people over often and you need a guest room? Maybe it would be a better idea to move your master bedroom upstairs and get a little more square footage, and transform your bedroom into a guest room.

Make an impression with a ceiling finish

Unlike the other rooms in your house where you can put the accent on a certain wall, the ceiling is already the focal point of the attic. You just need to make the most of it by introducing paneling with applied molding, beadboard panels or V-groove wood paneling.

Install a ceiling fan for better climate control

Even if your attic is very well insulated, you might experience problems with heat throughout the summer months. During that time, a ceiling fan can provide you with a cool breeze. The fan will also be useful in pushing the warmer air down during the colder days.

Use LED lights

LED lights are not useful only for saving energy. If you opt for recessed fixtures, they will not disturb the eye or generate unwanted heat, and can have insulation installed around them.

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Quiet the floor down

Unless you want attic activity, no matter how quiet it is, to cause a racket in the rooms below, you should fill the bays with blown-in dense-pack insulation, use beefier floor joists and add carpeting or area rugs.

Use lighter color schemes

The attic is made of a lot of disparate materials and, unless you have several roof windows, it can also get dark in there. That is why all-white or all-light-neutral (e.g. beige or sand) is a can’t-fail color scheme.

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Insulate the roof

Poorly insulated roof can lead to heat loss or gain, which is the last thing you want in your comfy attic room. Spray-foam roof insulation in generous amounts will save you from this problem.

Introduce maximum light

One of the major advantages of the attic room is that you are that much closer to the sun. Use this perk to the max by introducing several roof windows or skylights.


Transforming an attic into a room is a very smart move, but it can also go south, unless you follow these guidelines.

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