10 Secrets why women largely prefer kurtis


Over the past few years, this outfit has been selling like a delicious hotcake does. Kurtis are an elegant ethnic wear, which lend a unique charm to a woman. Preferred by ladies worldwide, Kurtis are essentially of Indian origin. It is trendy and comfortable at the same time and versatile to team it up with a number of bottoms. Read on to know what makes kurtis such a fashion statement among women in UAE and the world.

  1. They are not very high priced
    We all want to get the maximum value for our hard earned money, and this is what kurtis do. Compared to any other ethnic wear, kurtis are moderately priced. You can buy 3 kurtis with the price you may pay for one lehenga!
  2. They look elegant in all of their styles and types
    They are available in various materials for you to feel comfortable in all seasons. They are also available in various styles to choose according to your style statement.
  3. Even though it is ethnic, it can look modern
    With the right choice of kurti and the smart way of carrying it off, a kurti can look much more than only ethnic attire.
  4. You don’t need to worry about the bottom
    This is because the choices for the bottom are so many; you can pick up any according to your style and body type. From skin fitting leggings to jeans, from jeggings to salwars, the options are many. You can change the entire look only by changing your bottom wear.
  5. Can be worn to any occasion
    They are very versatile and come in many types, as told before. You can choose kurtis according to the occasion. A heavy one for a wedding or a casual one for evening wear, there is something for each occasion.
  6. Women love accessories and so they love kurtis too!
    Kurtis are complemented by accessories, which include shoes and sandals of all types, jewellery, bags, clutches, and much more.
  7. Easy to wear
    This is an important advantage since most women are very lazy or always late. There is no hassle of having to adjust them like saris or lehenga, just put them on at once!
  8. The collection is whopping
    When it comes to the collection, the vastness will confuse you. They come in categories of all sorts for you to choose the most suitable one. Ethnic wear for women online shopping is no less small than the Burj Khalifa!
  9. Can be worn by a woman of all ages.
    From daughters to mothers to even grandmothers, this versatile outfit can be worn by three generations! Whether you are studying, working, or just a housewife, kurtis are for everyone.
  10. Can also be worn as a one piece.
    Now this is interesting. You cannot wear your sari both as an ethnic wear and a western wear, but your kurti can do this. You can wear certain kurtis as one piece. All you need to do is choose smartly!

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