10 reasons to love the stand-up paddle

Here is a list of 10 good reasons to start from tomorrow to practice the Stand Up Paddle, good for the body and for the mind and for your mood!

  1. Anyone can SUP – People of all ages are getting closer and passionate at Stand Up Paddle. This sport is accessible to people of all ages and this is one of its strengths!
  2. The pleasure to stand up – Who would not want him to walk on water if it were given the opportunity? The SUP transmits to all the feeling to be able to do really. Seeing is believing!
    Moreover, standing, you get a great view of everything around you, to fully enjoy your ride on SUP! A huge advantage over the kayak for example!
  3. Burn fat and calories – The SUP is a great exercise, strengthens the abdominal muscles as well as arms, legs, buttocks and all the muscles of the back. Most people use the stand up paddle as a platform for practicing pilates and yoga in water. Any way try the SUP is a great way to get active.
  4. It’s easy – With the SUP, the fun is immediate! Try to put in the water at this and after a couple of hours the chances that come back to shore with a big smile on his face will be very high !!
  5. It’s a sport that creates sharing – It’ a sport that involves the entire famiglia. Così you can share your SUP session with your partner, your children and even your dog!
    Also once you learn to do SUP you will realize that it is even more fun to paddle with friends. Not to mention the many new friends you meet in the water paddling after paddling.
  6. It’s a practice Zen – a healthy activity to relax and recharge. Being on a SUP board, slip into the water gives you a sense of freedom and inspiration. No noise, perhaps alone with yourself, allowing you to relax to the max! Detaching from the stress of daily routine.
    Attention, can quickly become an addiction … You want to come back to your table as soon as possible to find peace and a sense of freedom!
  7. SUP everywhere in Nature – The Stand Up Paddle is versatile and can be practiced anywhere, just find a body of water. You can suppare sea on lakes, rivers, bays and ports, even in the pool.
    We spend too much time on the internet, television, gym … a session SUP allows you to stay in contact with nature … a simple pleasure, but so great!
  8. It’s all rounder – The SUP is a sport that can be learned at any level. You can choose to paddle in absolute relax and use the stand up paddle as a means of exploration to enjoy nature, or playing the sport at highly competitive and aggressive, or decide to use the Stand Up Paddle for catching waves as in the surf, or use it as a platform to practice yoga and pilates. The SUP satisfies all tastes and you never get bored !!
  9. It’s cheap – The SUP is now more affordable than ever, for all budgets. With a few hundred Euros will buy your backpack with your table within your paddle and pump, and the game will be made. Other than subscriptions to the gym, in the pool or reservations soccer fields or tennis to keep in shape, having bought the table everything else will always be free !!
  10. Is the sport more cool at this time – Probably when there is no other sport that is growing so fast.
    Born on the beaches of California, now spread around the world and highly popular among the Hollywood stars, the sport has exploded in a real SUP mania!

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