10 Overdone Wedding Details Will Leave Your Guests Intimidated

You must have seen a lot of chalkboard wedding signs and had the signature cocktails to sip in, but the sweet details we’re about to give you will just be the right touch for your big day. Although you can even have some people encouraging you to stay away from these overdone details and, but what we want you to know is that – these trends we’re about to talk about are famous for a reason.

Those that have tried these after being instructed by Let’s Celebrate events management have loved it. So will you! The ten touches no one will have enough of:

  1. Photo Booth with Props

Photo booth is no less than a wedding day mainstay now. The DIY set-ups to charming vintage booths to the latest digital options, your guest will love the trip to town. If you’re concerned that these pops will look silly and basic, the truth is that no one is able to resist the overly sized moustache, sunglasses, a boa etc.

Photo Booth with Props

  1. Chalkboard Signs

Even though your bridesmaid have seen a great number of “choose a seat, not a side” kind of signs, but it doesn’t mean your relative have as well. If you like the sign talking and display look, go for it! Chalkboards are versatile and will stay there for a while.


  1. Signature Cocktails

Who doesn’t like surprises! Who wouldn’t want specially prepared cocktail with attention paid on the ornaments! Signature cocktails are a great way of surprising guests and adding creativity by putting silly names and drawings.


  1. Cupcakes

Aren’t those cute things the sweetest of amusement and treats? There can never be a good enough reason to not serve these delicious confections. Cupcakes are generally more affordable and can also bring more fun in the picture with more designs and flavors.


  1. Burlap and Lace

If you’re considering the rustic route, then say hello to a bit of lace and burlap. Wrap a bit of the lace around the bouquet or tables, just add the texture and design to anything that can catch the eyes. We’re sure that you have seen it hanging and tied already, but isn’t it charming?

Burlap and Lace

  1. Add Favorites on the Dance Floor

There has to be a reason for everyone to get on the dance floor and enjoy while dancing, the reasons are good enough –play the group favorite music and songs. You won’t even know when the dance floor starts filling up.

  1. Kids in the Wedding Party

Kids will always be in the weddings. Dress those cute ones in grown-up formalwears, ask them to carry signs, or give them a job to take seriously. They will bring the smiles on every face in the crowd, resulting in priceless photos.

  1. Midnight Snacks

Who doesn’t love snacks after few hours of dancing or similar fun activities? Snacks and finger foods will always be loved by the guests.

  1. Games to Play in Lawn

Guests love lawn games no matter how many you’ll add in. You must have played a few cocktail hour games, but there’s always a reason to break these rules. No matter what age the guests will be from, they will love the celebration out in the lawn at any given time.

  1. Wedding Hashtags

Your older family members will definitely not support the hashtags, but younger friends and cousins will post pictures. It’s wise to create your perfect hashtags, watch them roll in!


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