10 Original and Relevant Ideas for Window Decoration

For many years, only curtains and blinds were used as window decor. But times have changed and new ways to decorate windows have appeared. You can use frosted glass, stained-glass windows, stickers, and other ways to get rid of boring curtains and blinds which may turn your windows into a stylish design object. Let’s review some relevant ideas.

1. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass can easily replace curtains since they protect the window from direct sunlight. It’s also a good option for people who suffer from pet and dust allergy. You can make all windows frosted or apply sandblasted drawings to the glass.

2. Window Stickers

You can change window design with the help of window stickers. Stores offer a huge assortment of window stickers in various styles and shades, from floristic patterns, winged phrases to stained glass, glowing in the dark. 

3. Stained Glass

An incredible alternative to traditional window treatments, there’s plenty of innovative window decals that will help conceal your interior while making a beautiful statement. Stained glass art is widely used in modern interior design. You can apply stained glass fragments in separate sections of the window and it will look great. Fusing is a very stained-glass window technique with high-temperature glass processing.

4. Natural Plants

A garden window is ideal for adding light and space into your home. Plants on the windowsill can successfully replace curtains. The eco-friendly window design will visually please at any time of the year. 

5. Lights 

Large aluminum windows with lights is a feature of the Scandinavian interior. This decor idea will give originality to your room interior and will be a good reason for making a romantic dinner. 

6. Colored Window Frames 

Painting windows in a bright color is one of the favorite techniques of modern designers. Bright colors create a contrasting accent and perfectly hide cracks and scratches on the window frames. Colored windows is an effective way to add elegance to the interior.

7. Artworks

Creative people would probably like the idea of decorating windows with their paintings or drawings. This decorating idea is well suited for owners of large and tall windows and is a great way of making space to display your art. It’s certainly not something you see every day and it takes modern window treatment ideas to the next level. Natural lighting which changes throughout the day will show new shades of paintings.

8. Handmade Decor

Homemade decor always looks individually and originally. Garlands, handmade paper, and plot compositions can be a great alternative to curtains. This decor idea is always relevant and creates a cozy atmosphere. 

9. Panel Track Blinds 

Panel track blinds are good for covering expansive window areas and are the perfect window treatments for sliding glass doors. If you choose colored panels, they boast an added bonus of looking great when they are drawn back.

10. Shutters 

Shutters are stylish and always relevant window treatments. They allow the sun to keep your home cool during hot days. You can install them outside of your home or inside your home. Window shutters also allow you to easily choose between privacy and visibility.

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