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10 Lawn Mowing Tips For A Healthy Lawn - Likeitgirl

The beautification of a home does not need expensive tiles, bricks, or unique colors; a beautifully kept lawn at the front will increase its aesthetic by many folds. To achieve this, apart from doing a little trimming, weeding, edging, and pruning, you have to do the perfect lawn mowing at the optimum interval. If you are in two minds about doing it yourself or do not have the time to complete it, it is best to hire an experienced company.

Ten tips for a successful mowing

Most homeowners complain about lawn problems, but most don’t know that improper mowing is one of its principal causes. With the aid of the most proficient company, you can expect a complete and detailed job. However, it doesn’t hurt to know about the finer points of the job to ensure the quality of the job. So, let us know the tips to create a healthy lawn:

1. Determining a mowing pattern

Determine the optimum period of mowing the grasses. The growth pattern of the grasses depends on their type; for example, fescue, ryegrass, and bluegrass will grow most in spring and fall, so mowing them in the summer may not be needed. Moreover, it should only trim more than 1/3rd of the length of the grass. For warm-season grasses, a height of 1-2 inches is OK. Mowing according to a plan will keep the lawn g fuller, help the grass maintain a healthier root system, and reduce the nutrient content and space for weeds.

2. Don’t scalp the lawn

Landowners often mow the lawn completely, thinking that it will save on the effort later. Open patches of land attract weed growth, and the neighboring grass cannot grow in case of a draught. Also, mowing properly removes the tip of the grasses, stopping the flow of an inhibitory hormone of vertical growth, and the lawn looks fuller.

3. Avoid mowing wet grass

Mowing on wet grass will make the lawn look uneven, as the grass blades stick together and mat on the ground. After cutting, it can stand back up and makes the yard look unkempt. Otherwise, mowing on wet grass can cause fungus to spread and cause infestations, which are dangerous to other plants. In addition, wet grass is slippery, and clipping on it is often hazardous over an uneven lawn.

4. Alternate the mowing pattern

Grasses tend to grow in the direction it is mowed. So, to retain the upright position of the grass blades, it is better to vary the mowing pattern. This technique also ensures that ruts from the mower wheels don’t develop on the lawn.

5. Keep the schedule maintained

It would be easy to rush the mowing schedule to lessen the household chores. However, mowing without a rest period in between will cause single clippings on the lawn, making it look unkempt and untidy.

6. Make sure the mower blades are sharpened

Always determine whether the mower blades are sharp before stating the mowing. Sharp edges cut cleanly, whereas dull blades tear the grasses, making it a perfect ground for pests and fungal diseases to proliferate. Therefore, it is necessary to check the edges’ sharpness and sharpen them if they are found dull so that the mowing is done perfectly.

7. Mulch as you mow

The experts now recommend mulching along with mowing to ensure the maintenance of lawn moisture and nutrients as the clippings decompose. You can solve the problem of thatch buildup, placing the cut grass on the side not yet mowed and then mowing over it another time. This method generates tiny, easy-to-decompose clippings than regular mowing. You can also use a mulching attachment or a mulching mower for a more delicate cut.

8. Overlap each pass

It is best to overlap each pass to ensure even coverage. Otherwise, the mower has to look back and check for any missing grass every time.

9. Keep your driveway neat

Freshly cut grass can stain the concrete driveway and sidewalks. To avoid blowing grass onto these surfaces while mowing, change the direction of the mower so that it falls onto the yard. Doing this will save time and effort on cleaning the surfaces later.

10. Repurpose available mowing tools

The user can use the available mowing tools differently to make it function like another costly tool. For example, you can use the string-trimmer head in a vertical position instead of an edger. The trimmer can be held vertically and mowed along a continuous line to make the trimming more even.

Hiring professional company

It may not be possible to do the mowing by oneself because of reduced still or shortage of time. In that case, one can hire a most-referred and skilled company like Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design for providing a full-fledged landscaping service, complete with lawn mowing service. The company also offers free blade-sharpening services.

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