10 Habits For Meditation That Will Improve Your Creative Instincts


Meditation has many benefits. Not least of all, it’s a useful way to improve your creativity.

Before you can begin to form new ideas and generate new solutions, you must first find a way to clear existing thoughts. Few things, if any, achieve this better than regular meditation.

Yet many people find it increasingly difficult to meditate effectively, especially in today’s busy world.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do that, if you make them a regular habit, will greatly enhance the power of your meditation. The end result also allows you to be more creative and solve more of life’s challenges.

Have A Regular Space To Meditate

Meditation is about feeling relaxed and creating an inner harmony. This is much easier to do if you are at peace with your surroundings.

It’s always beneficial to have a regular space for meditation, as you will easily become more relaxed as a result. This doesn’t even need to be permanent – just find a favorite, quiet corner and some comfortable cushions or rugs to sit on.

At Least 2 Minutes A Day

You don’t need to put hours aside for meditation. If you have a comfortable space, even a period as short as 2 minutes can work wonders on clearing your mind.

This is best done on a daily basis, as this lets you forget about daily troubles and allow your thoughts to drift elsewhere.

Take Care Of Your Health

Your diet can greatly influence your attitude and it’s well known that many foods, such as processed food, can contribute to a negative mood.

On the other hand, other food sources, such as protein and bananas, have ingredients that improve your mindset. By eating healthily, you can start every meditation session with a better attitude, giving you less issues or emotional barriers to work through.

Read More Books

When you want to improve your creativity, nothing does this better than a good book. Reading fiction encourages your imagination and allows you to remove yourself from the physical world – if only for a short time – much like meditation does.

It also flexes your imagination while some genres, such as crime and detective novels, strengthen both your conscious and subconscious states.

Start Practicing Yoga

A healthy body and mind are often inter-linked, so what takes care of the former will also improve the latter.

Yoga, for instance, is a great way to improve your body’s physical condition. This isn’t about developing pure muscle, but allowing the body to feel more comfortable through stretching and a wider range of movements. With practice, many people often find basic yoga to be a relaxing experience by itself.

Get In Touch With Nature

The modern world can often be loud and distracting, a far cry from the beautiful tranquillity of natural spaces.

However, many people live too far from the countryside to take advantage of this, so why not introduce nature into your home?

Adding more plants and flowers can improve your space in so many ways, whether it’s from the natural scents to the visual aesthetics.

Remove Distracting Technology

As convenient as modern technology is, it proves very distracting when trying to maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Normally, we regularly check our phones, tablets, TVs and other devices but, when meditating, these should all be turned off.

This removes any background distractions, or the hesitation that someone might call. Remember, you only need to meditate for a few minutes a day, you can go this long with your mobile turned on.

Indulge Your Senses

On the other hand, silence can also be deafening. The human mind needs sensual stimulation, but this needs to be calm and encouraging.

Gentle music, or even natural sounds, can help achieve this. Similarly, using flowers and other natural scents can help appease your sense of smell. When all of your senses are happy, your mind has a few less things to focus on or worry about.

Try Gardening

As mentioned already, there are some very strong benefits to being close to nature. If you want to make the most of this, gardening is very beneficial to your mental health.

Gardening offers a connection to the wider, living world, as well as enabling you to see the benefits of your own hard work.

No matter how large or small your garden is, this can greatly improve how you view yourself, which only benefits your meditation and creativity. If you have a family, there are also some great garden activities with your children, too.

Start Meditating

Finally, when you take into account all of the above factors, the only thing left to do is to start meditating.

At first, this might not seem so easy but this is something that will improve over time, especially if you make the effort to do this on a daily habit. Stick with it and you will soon find yourself adapting.

Once meditation becomes an automatic reflex as part of your daily routine, you will easily find yourself able to enter the right state of mind.

Many of the habits mentioned here are designed to help you do this, by removing unwelcome distractions and adding elements to enhance a calmer atmosphere.

Similarly, this will in turn help improve your creativity. By clearing the various thoughts and distractions of daily life, you will find you are now able to see the solutions that did not otherwise appear so obvious.

Ultimately, meditation can achieve numerous benefits, whether it’s improving your creativity, learning to reflect inwards or simply relaxing from a stressful day. Whatever your reasons, the points listed help introduce meditation into even the most hectic of lifestyles.

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