10 Effective Ways Promotional Products Can Boost Your Brand

You are doing everything, like making products, working with customers, marketing, and running your online store and social media, as a business owner. But the big question is: Is your strategy working in your favor? Are people getting to know about your product or service up, close, and personal?  You need branded promotional products if your answer is no. Connect with a trusted firm to do it for you.

Here are ten ways how using promotional products can boost your brand. Let’s start.

1. Write a Blog Post

You may not have a go-to landing page for customers or subscribers when promoting your new product or service. After all, your new product could be an upgrade on an existing platform. In such a scenario, your goal may not be to get more customers. But you may want your existing customers to engage more or to re-engage passive customers.

A great way to go into depth with every detail is by having a blog post written on the newly launched item. You can highlight features and benefits you would otherwise include on a landing page. Plus, you can share the link to the blog post via your emails or social media channels.

2. Email Marketing

When you need to promote a product, email marketing is a top strategy and can stay there longer. Compared to social media, Email marketing converts at a higher rate. On social, you are competing with many players. Potential customers have shown interest in your product by giving you your email address, so your email Inbox is more streamlined. Therefore, your email list is full of those who are already investing in your product.

An email about your latest release is more likely to be effective when your customers get valuable content from you. Invest in building a large release, make contact with your customers continuously, and provide value.

3. Shower Business Gift

Giving gifts to major customers, vendors, and partners with logo products shows that your company will give importance to your business relationships. They will see and use these products (of your brand) on an everyday basis. Find something that they enjoy and talk to that hobby that provides a gift If you want to take it a step ahead. For example, provide them logo-rich cigar box or lighter if your biggest customer loves cigars.

4. Present a Complimentary Upgrade

You can offer an upgrade to customers to try your new service if your business is more service-based than product-based, such as salon, spa, fitness center, or consulting business. Are you looking to promote a new face or massage type in your spa? Provide a complimentary or maybe temporary upgrade to try it for existing customers. Extend your agency’s PPC offerings? For making their legacy pricing attractive, add new service to the package of existing customers. Another option, though for a limited time, will be to offer free shipping of your new product.

5. Build Employee Relations

According to studies, it has been revealed that employee satisfaction is more closely related to profit and gifts. They will use those things during their orientation program; welcoming new employees with branded products can strike an immediate connection. Maybe they will work as future ambassadors for your new product or service.

6. Play a Social Media Competition

The easy way to connect with customers and bring more followers and prospects for your business is through social media competitions. Facebook competition can bring many new customers, which is a great way to combat low organic access to the platform. The winner or winners of giving your Facebook or Instagram should receive your new offer and get it for the free or discount rate, as far as marketing is concerned.

7. Corporate Meetings and Presentations

All year round, meetings are required to keep silent teams updated with the company vision. Make meetings and presentations more enjoyable by providing logo-marked gifts that one can use at work during the meeting.

You can use a successful trade show which can often emphasize booth engagement. Plan to keep the physically hand-branded products in an accessible location, in clear view of visitors.

8. Non-Profit or Charitable Events

Are you passionate about a cause? Donate a promotional item further if your company donates money to some non-profit institutions. Non-profit ventures often make goody bags for fundraising events, which may include a range of promotional items. It is a unique and great way to bring your brand to those who add to your company for a good reason.

9. Use a Special Introductory Offer

You can make your new product or service available as part of a special initial offer rather than just declaring your new product or service. Offer a combined promotion with a complementary business, discounted pricing, voucher or coupon, receiving a free deal, double points if you have a loyalty program, gifts for every referral, etc. This deal can take several forms.

A great way to make fans of your brand is by making a promotional item available in-store. The promotional merchandise can be distributed as part of the bonus plan or given to potential customers. The emphasis on your promotion is to ensure that it is time-based and customers immediately purchase the product.

10. Branding your Newsletter or Sales Email

In order to reach the message to leads, and to keep the messages continuous and on-brand, use branded templates if you have a vendor or virtual assistant. You can take advantage of those materials that have achieved results, so your team does not need to redo everything to reach a customer every time or create a newsletter. You can have personalized email to take advantage of the CRM system.

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