10 Different Types of Rings You Must Check Out

Rings are a classic item of jewellery for both men and women. Be it as a sign of an engagement or a piece of a style statement; it has been a constant in almost everyone’s lives at some point. People spend a considerable sum of money on buying these ornaments. Although you will find it in any jewellery shop, you can also choose to purchase rings online

However, did you know that there are several types of rings available? So, to help you comprehend, we have listed below its ten different variants. Without further ado, let us take a look at them.

10 Types Of Rings That You Must Check Out

  1. Diamond Rings

It is one of the most common types of rings that you will find in the market. These have been the most sought after engagement rings for women. You might have already seen such an ornament that has a diamond at the centre. These gems are available in various colours and also cuts.

  1. Gold Rings

Whenever people think of jewellery, it is usually gold that pops up first in everyone’s minds. You can find these rings in the gold, white gold, or rose gold variety. If you are looking for a pure type of such an ornament, you should ask for 24 karats one.

  1. Silver Rings

After gold, silver is the most used material for rings. It is a bit cheaper than the former and is preferred by both men and women. Silver rings are usually a combination of steel and chromium to keep the lustre intact.

  1. Platinum Rings

Platinum is one of the most precious materials to make rings with for both men and women. Such an ornament is costlier than gold and silver ones. Its colour resembles the hue of silver but has a more subtle tone.

  1. Titanium Rings

This material is currently in vogue for men’s rings. A titanium ring is famous because it is comfortable and lightweight. It is also available in several colours, with the most common being black.

  1. Class Rings

This ring is more of a representation of belonging to a similar group. In the United States, these pieces are used to represent the school and the year one graduates. Later, they can keep it as an unforgettable souvenir.

  1. Wedding Bands

Weddings bands are meant for both men and women in most cultures across the globe. These rings can be made of any material but are made based on the couple’s likes and preferences.

  1. Moissanite Rings

These types of ornament are one of the least heard of and It is made of a natural mineral, which is placed at the centre of the ring. As it is rare to be found, moissanite is now produced scientifically.

  1. Birthstone Rings

People like to wear their birthstone, which is a gem assigned to every month, as a piece of jewellery. They can wear it as a pendant or as a ring. 

  1. Promise Rings

As the name suggests, these types of rings are a symbol of culturally or religiously made promises. You can use any material for it, but generally, it is a gem or a metal band.


So, the rings mentioned above are the various types of it that we believed that you should check out at least once. These are meant for multiple purposes and are made with different materials. You can select the one that is the most suitable for you. 


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