No doubt, the man of your dreams should be attracted to your physical attributes before anything serious happens between the two of you. While beauty is not the only quality that men look out for in women, it certainly forms the best basis for getting him to notice you. Your hair is an integral part of this beauty and thus, it ought to be given lots of attention.

The following are 10 cute hairstyles that you could use to make him notice you in a sea of bevies:

1. Retro Bangs


This is a style that is appropriate for any age as long as you know how to frame your facial features and make your strengths stand out. Retro bangs bring out the sexy edge you have it screams “wild and daring”!

2. Pull it Back in a Neat Ponytail


Somehow with this style, you will look a lot younger than you really are. It is a sweet style that would remind your dream guy of the innocence you are capable of. Add a bit of accessorization like a flower but don’t overdo.

3. Side Swept Hairstyles


This easily rates as one of the coolest styles men love to see their women rock. You can add soft waves to complete the seductive style.

4. Bun with a Fishtail Braid


This is a truly feminine style that gives the impression of a girl who does not put too much into looking her best. Secure the bun in place with a few playful pins.

5. Large, sexy pile-up


Very few men can resist the urge to see a woman make a big, neat pile atop her head. It is especially alluring if you have a long slender neck to show off.

6. Frame Your Face with Layers


For a man, framing your face with layers of your soft clean hair starts up an adventure. He presumes that your style could imply that you are hiding something; something enchanting that he would wish to discover.

7. Pigtails


Pigtails take you right back to high school and give the guy a glimpse of the kind of beauty you might have been as a cheerleader. Complete the look with playful sunglasses on your summer day out.

8. Bob it Up!


Many men love the elegance of bobs. You can easily pull them off with short or medium-length hair. You could spice the bobs up with a bit of dye depending on the shade of your skin.

9. All Straight and Sexy


This is yet another highly rated style that would augur well for the woman with long, thick hair. Part it in the middle and forget about any curls or waves. If this doesn’t make him fall for you, then your game is up!

10. Boho Braids


If you have been left behind in the braid revolution, then boho is a nice way to make your debut!

Try and add a bit of your personality to any style you choose to wear to seducing him. Men love lots of creativity in the women they wish to consider having something serious with.

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