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10 Crazy Things to Do With Birthday Party Balloons - Likeitgirl

10 Crazy Things to Do With Birthday Party Balloons

Balloons are a must-have in every party, especially if it’s a birthday. For, balloons perfectly symbolize the special day in your life. They come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, and add that special element of fun and life to any occasion.

But ever wondered what more ‘crazy’ stuff you could possibly do with those party balloons? Eager to find out? Read on.

10 Crazy Ways to Use Party Balloons

These are just a few ‘different’ ideas to use your balloons for that special party decoration coming up; you can always use your own imagination and spice up your party the way you like it.

#1Balloon garland, anyone? – Parties are generally associated with balloons tied up or stuck up against the wall and ceiling, while flower garlands adorning curtain railings, doors, etc. at the venue.

How about blending the two ideas and creating a unique idea to decorate the place? Yes, you can consider making a balloon garland! All you need to do is thread a long yarn through the knots of inflated balloons and hang the garland anywhere you like. It also looks different and better than streamers.

#2 Make your own design balloons – A cheaper and creative way to deck up your plain balloons (white/coloured) and make them look interesting. Just create any design you want on a tissue paper and paste it onto the balloon. There you have – your very own design balloons! What’s more, you can easily create designs to go with the particular theme of your party.

Say, you’re organizing a Frozen-themed party for your little princess. You can make tissue paper snowflakes and paste them onto plain blue party balloons in bulk to create that perfect effect. Likewise, try out replicating other themes and surprise your kids and guests.

#3 You don’t need helium balloons; normal ones can do the same magic – Did you know that a bunch of air-inflated balloons tied together and hung from the ceiling can actually create the same effect as helium ones? This means less cost and more room for partying.

#4 You don’t always need to air-inflate your balloons too – So we said you don’t need helium balloons; you can try the same effect with normal ones. Now we say, why inflate your balloons at all? Try bunching them together to create different designs, all without inflating them. Here’s one idea for you; feel free to be as imaginative as you wish.

Take same-color balloons and bunch them together. Then tie them up with similar sections of same-coloured balloons to create a circular rainbow-like effect.

#5 Make a giant balloon flower – Speaking of designs, they’re just so many you can try making with simple party balloons. Inflate them and tie them together in the shape of a flower, for example. You can consider having all the petal balloons of the same colour and a different huge one for the middle. To create a more lively effect, consider decorating your flower with a marker to make smileys, leaves, or stems.

#6 How about ice cream cone balloons? – This one has to be the best and your kids are sure to love it too. After all, it’s their favourite ice cream we’re talking about. Take brown construction paper and fold it in the shape of cones. Wrap it around the base of a helium balloon, while threading the balloon ribbon through the paper. When they hang from the ceiling, they’d look exactly like ice cream cones hanging in the air. You can also use this idea for your kid birthday party decorations.

#7 Showcase your portraits – You can even hang your own or your loved ones’ photographs with the balloon ribbons so that when they hang, your photos can also be seen hanging around too. It creates a rather beautiful effect for your guests at the party.

In fact, instead of your own pictures, you can even consider hanging some tiny dolls with the ribbon, especially people look-alikes. They create a very real effect and are fun to watch.

#8 Light up your balloons – Forget putting lights, use your balloons to create the same effect. You can put LED light bulbs in your balloons; just be sure that the balloons you use for the purpose are strong and unbreakable so that the bulb doesn’t crash down in case a balloon pops up.

#9 Create a balloon centrepiece – Generally at a party, you’d see the centre table adorned with a flower vase or small plants. Try tying a huge balloon over the flower vase; it looks unique and is a sure head-turner.

#10 Make a fruit garland – We’ve saved the best and the sweetest too for the last. This one’s a favourite among kids. You can actually blow up small balloons in the shape of your kids’ favourite fruits and hang them around in the form of a garland. Banana, pear, apple, grapes and pineapple are a few examples.

Other Uses of Party Balloons

There are tons of other wacky ways to use your balloons other than just decoration. Here are a few ideas:

  • Redecorate your flower vase – If you want to add a little color and uniqueness to your vase, try this. Cover it fully with a colored balloon. Only the part that holds the flower would stay (but that can also be covered with the balloon leaving a bit of a space for you to insert the flower).

  • Use water balloons to keep drinks cold at the party – Balloons being used in place of ice? A wow idea, right? Blow up a handful of water balloons and freeze them. Then place them in an ice bucket where you’d place your drink bottle to chill before the guests arrive. The frozen balloons will keep the drink cool. And if the water starts melting from the balloons, freeze them again.

To Sum Up

Balloons are every party-organizer’s fancy. And when you have such crazy ways to deck up your party, you’d want to go wild. These are just some of the whacky ones we could share; post more if you have any.

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