Picking a gift for your husband or boyfriend can be tricky. You know what they like, but you have a tough time deciding. If the date is approaching and you need a bit of inspiration, here is a helpful guide. 

Gentlemen’s gift basket

A nice gift where you can incorporate a few of the things he likes the most is a gift basket. The beauty of it is that you can create it however you like. One example can be a bottle of his favorite drink with two glasses for the two of you, a bowtie and maybe some personalized underwear he will love. Use a black box for a fancy effect and a red bow. Throw in a love letter and we are sure he will love it.

Photo album or frame 

One of the most thoughtful gifts everyone loves is photos, especially if you put them in a nice frame or a photo album where he can continue adding photos of the two of you. Or he can place the frame in the living room and create a warm atmosphere with it.


One of the few things from the beauty sphere men really love are perfumes. He will appreciate this gift and you will show that you know him by choosing the right one for him. If you know his go-to perfume, by all means, get that one, but if not, ask the clerk help you choose.


If your man is a fashion enthusiast, getting him a pair of fancy men’s shoes can be a great idea. Oxford shoes are the perfect pair that he will be able to wear for many years and on different occasions. You can even find shoemakers and choose the color and design yourself.


If you want your gift to remind him of you and you want to be sure he will wear it, you can look up fashionable Japanese watches online and choose from a variety of quality watches. This is the perfect gift because it can complete any outfit and it’s something he will be able to wear for a long time.

Personalized mug 

Thoughtful gifts are the best kind because they make the person feel special and loved. Getting him a personalized mug, or even making one yourself will be a great reminder of how much you love him each morning when he sips his coffee from it.

Craft beer kit

Almost every man loves beer, so why not surprise him with a craft beer kit of different flavors you can share together while watching his favorite movie and eating popcorn?

Men’s cosmetic set 

If he likes to pamper himself and invest time to always look good, a cosmetics set will help him do just that. You can add aftershaves, deodorants, beard oil, a trimmer and a wooden comb to create a vintage vibe. You can even create DIY shaving products and put them in cute bottles. Aside from being useful, he will love getting ready for your next date with the thought of you. 

Spa treatments

It is a common misconception that only women like to be pampered. We are sure your man will love a spa treatment that includes a massage or even a facial treatment. You can even book a couple’s session, and have a fun day together.

Chocolate cookies

Don’t they say the way to a man’s heart is through food? Well, we are sure that any home-cooked meal or something sweeter like chocolate cookies will be a perfect gift. Create a romantic atmosphere with candles and music and put a love note underneath each cookie to make it even more special.

Thoughtful gifts are the ones that show how well you know your man. The important thing is the effort you put in, and if you have trouble along the way, turn to these suggestions for help and inspiration.

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