10 Architectural 3D Rendering software for Designing in 2020

3D is one of the most important aspects of real-life and so does it seems in the case of technology. With the arrival of three-dimensional technology and softwares in the market, people are using it in a number of manners. From Immersive movie models to video game designs and from designing aviation models to Architectural 3D Renders, the usage of this technology holds no bar.

Especially in terms of Architectural rendering, the technology has served a major part, and a number of softwares dedicated to this particular industry are present in the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 of the most popular and critically acclaimed 3D Architectural Rendering Softwares. So, let’s get started.

  1. Blender: First up, our list is none other than the most popular 3D Architectural software present in the market, Blender. Not only this software is free on a global scale, but also comes with a plethora of features. The best part of this software is that it is capable of rendering photorealistic 3D images making it perfect for studios who work with high-end Infrastructural groups.
  2. Maxwell: When it comes to managing the lights and environment of an architectural render model, nothing can beat Maxwell’s detailing, and accurate light spread over the models. It is simple to learn and comes with a decent set of tools. Although, one downside of Maxwell is that it takes quite some time to complete the final renders.
  3. Autodesk Revit: Coming from the long line of Autodesk softwares, Revit is a free educational licensed 3D modeling and development software. It is one the most popular softwares among college students who are studying architecture. It offers a powerful rendering engine that is superior to most of the mentions in this list. Also, the number of available textures and materials is higher than a lot of softwares.
  4. Lumion 3D: Although this one is a free software for students, it comes in two other variants, which are basic version and Pro version. Lumion 3D is quite popular among the rendering experts because of it’s easy to use User Interface and quick renders. The UI on this software makes it easier for any new user to adapt to the functions pretty swiftly.
  5. VRAY: Coming at a tag of $730, VRAY is one of the softwares that is used at some of the well known 3D Architectural companies. Though it is quite hard to get used to the number of tools that this software offers is nothing less than astounding.
  6. Viz Render: If you are a fan of Autodesk softwares but do not like Revit as your 3D Architectural workstation, then Viz renders might just be what you are looking for. It is great software that can be used to create photorealistic 3D models. Although, one needs to get proper training to get used to all the features on this software before being able to use it to full potential.
  7. Cinema 4D: Despite having a name which is not particularly pointing towards it being in the family of 3D softwares, Cinema 4D is decent in terms of both modeling and lighting. Though it comes at $3510 which is rather expensive taking into consideration that some free softwares are available in the market, which is quite close to the features that come with this particular software.
  8. Octane Render: Reflections play a great role when it comes to increasing the overall effectiveness and charm of the architecture. And for those who want to make photorealistic images most of the time, Octane Render can be a great start as it comes just at $399. The rendering engine is pretty fast and offers satisfying results keeping in mind that it is student-level software.
  9. Punch Home Design Studio: For those who are in the field of 3D Floor Plan render creation, Punch Home Design Studio is a great software. It is pretty inexpensive as it comes at only $25. Although, it lacks on a number of factors when compared to other high-end softwares in the list, but it is perfect for beginners.
  10. Corona: Integrated flawlessly with 3DS Max technology, Corona is an amazing software for the creation of photorealistic 3D Renders. The renders are quite fast than most of the softwares on the list, and the animations are as clear as one could imagine.

These are the 10 most popular and best 3D Architectural softwares that are quite useful for 3D Floor makers or Interior designers. So, if you still have not checked them out, then make sure to give some of them a try.

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