Why Healthy Habits are Better than Diet Programs?


Most of us are always in the middle of a raging battle between what suits our taste buds and what suits our body. Often the taste buds win over us but it may prove unhealthy in long term. Nowadays, most of us are aware of the dangers of junk eating and how prone we are to consuming junk food because of our busy schedules despite being aware of the repercussions on our mind and body.

With the increasing popularity of diet programs and health measures, people have become more inclined towards creating their own diet chart. But what seems lacking is the unfailing will to keep up the routine and strict food restrictions.


Diet charts usually last as long as we have some kilos to shed but are promptly kept aside after we get into shape. What this practice undermines is a regularity and healthy eating habit which diet programs generally fail to develop in us. It is because diet programs are taken as recovery measures and once we are satisfied with the results, we get back to our old ways.

Rather than putting pressure on the body, what will be useful is to pick up healthy eating habits which would last long and help us be in shape as long as we last. What is important to point out is the fact that whatever pounds we lose while on a diet program return to stick on our body as soon as we cut some slack on the diet. This renders the whole exercise of going on a diet useless. So, instead of going through a rough schedule once a month or two, it would be wise to keep a check on what you eat on a regular basis. This will help your body form a healthy diet routine and healthy habits always do the body more good than strict and temporary diet plans.


If you are keen on having a perfect figure and good health, the best way would be to go natural. Give your body appropriate time and conditions to get used to new foods so that it can easily accept it and cause no negative repercussions.

Some great products that you can and in fact, should add to your routine include green tea, boiled veggies, loads of citrus fruits, cereals and fresh sprouts. Green tea has antioxidants that keep your body free of waste and give your skin a fresh look. Other than that, it also controls weight which helps you keep your body in shape without having to consume pills and packed products. With the rise in popularity of green tea, it is easily available on the shelf as well as online. You can try different flavours such as honey lemon green tea or tulsi green tea and many other flavours that are available in India. As Indian tea is one of the best in the world, you may be sure to get good quality products online too.

Other than tea, one of the most important changes that you should make is to include boiled veggies in your diet along with citrus fruits. Veggies provide you with all the vitamins that your body needs and that are lost while cooking. Fruits keep your body hydrated, provide the much-needed fibre and help you escape quick foods.

More than anything, you need to consume as much water as possible so that you can keep all the waste out of your body. Regular exercise can do wonders to your body so never skip exercise. Good habits will help you keep yourself healthy even after you are past your 40s. Keep healthy, naturally.

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