Tips for Pulling Off the Gothic Fashion Trend

Being goth isn’t just a fashion trend; it’s an entire lifestyle covering everything from the music that you listen to, to the type of shoes that you wear or how you style your hair. If you prefer the gothic style, finding the right way to dress and stay true to yourself can be difficult during a time where everybody else seems to be sticking to mainstream fashion trends. Whether you’ve been dressing in goth attire for a while or really want to start dressing more gothic, here are some top tips to help you out.


Start Slowly:


If you’re used to dressing in regular mainstream fashion trends, then making the switch to gothic clothing could be a little overwhelming, not just for you but also for your friends and family! Getting using to being goth with your clothing can take some time, and it’s also completely normal to mess some outfits up the first few times you try – after all, this is the time for getting used to your preferences and learning what works well for you. Allow yourself to gradually ease into the gothic style and subculture; this will give you time to adjust, get used to your new look, and decide whether or not it is for you.


Stock Up on the Basics:


When it comes to dressing in gothic fashion, any goth knows that the most important wardrobe staples to have are the simple basics. Yes, gothic fashion may be known for it’s unique and different looks adorned with lace or dresses with sexy corsets, but for the most part, goths like to be comfortable just like everybody else. Black jeans and band t-shirts are essentials!


Alter Your Clothing:


One of the main reasons that people become goth is because they don’t agree with the mainstream; they want to be different from the crowd, do their own thing, and live a life that is unique and personal to them. What better way to express your own uniqueness than to change and alter your clothing to suit you alone? Clothing alteration is a common trend in the gothic subculture; especially with gothic clothing increasingly making its way into mainstream fashion today. However, bear in mind that altering your clothes isn’t a requirement, either – after all, being goth is all about doing what makes you happy and being original.


Play with Hair Trends:



Whilst many goths like to express themselves with excessive hair styles, don’t think that this is a requirement for entering the gothic subculture. In fact, there are many goths who dress in the darkest of goth fashion, yet still have their natural hair colour and style – there’s no need to dye your hair if you’d prefer not to. But, if you do, there’s an unlimited number of options to choose from when it comes to hairstyles! Some goths prefer to go down the dark route with jet black hair, whilst others like the contrast that comes from platinum blonde, or bright colours such as orange, blue, green or pink. Experiment with different hairstyles to find what suits you best! 

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