Glasses are just as much a part of a woman’s wardrobe as clothes, shoes and handbags. Many have several pairs of specs by middle age – one for reading, one for driving, one at work, sunglasses…

Butti offer a range of Italian leather, silk lined glasses cases in eight different colours and four styles. The designer status of these cases means that they have a matching price tag, but as they are leather, they will last for years.

Perfectly plain, these cases are timelessly classic and effortlessly chic. They combine the functionality of a standard leather slip case with the protection offered by traditional clamshell cases. Hidden between the leather and the silk lining is an aluminium alloy frame. The leather tab on the back of the case is attached to a silk ribbon to help the wearer take their glasses safely out of the case.

Of course, there are many other options for women’s glasses cases. Supermarkets sell them, they come free with every pair of spectacles purchased and in most people’s homes there will be old cases from glasses long since lost, broken or discarded. These days, women’s glasses cases can be made of plastic or cardboard as well as leather. The important thing is that glasses should be protected by a case when not actually in use, as this lessens the chances for damage. Given the number of items found in the average woman’s handbag or desk drawer, carrying glasses in a case is a sensible option. A case will protect the lenses from scratches from keys and other items as well as preventing the arms from getting bent if something lands awkwardly on the folded spectacles.

Glasses cases, like the glasses themselves, come in all shapes and sizes. They can be plain or decorated, understated or as loud as the wearer. Many clothes fashion designers have also branched out into glasses, with eyewear lines available from Lipsy, Burberry, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Prada and more. Many of these frames are stocked by High Street opticians as well as being available online. For the woman with a designer pair of glasses, a designer case is not just sensible, it is an absolute necessity.


Glasses are part of the wearer’s personality. Like ties and socks for men, earrings and glasses for women are small ways to express a minor rebellion against uniform rules or dress code requirements. For many people, glasses are the first thing put on in the morning and the last thing taken off at night. When something gets as much wear as this, it makes sense to take care and pay attention when choosing styles and then find a glasses case that offers suitable protection for these vital items. Women wanting to make a subtle statement about their lifestyle often choose to do so through designer glasses and glasses cases, such as those available from Butti.

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