‘My Very Own New York City’ – The Golden Thread

It’s hot in the City today, a beautiful month of June with a fresh breeze. Am out and about doing my all time favorite thing: walking the streets. There is nothing like walking streets. A friend once told me: ‘ I finally discovered the place I was living in for the past ten years, when I sold my car and started walking.’

New York City is the kind of place that would have you popping in and out of subway stations leaving you totally clueless of the excitement happening in-between them, above ground.

So, do I walk, I do. It is thrilling. And that is how I create ‘My Very Own’ of each place I go to.

Not with travel guides, not with Yelp but with the door to door discovery.

How about you? Have you ever wondered why and how you get drifted towards a certain direction, on a neutral ground where nothing seems familiar.

That’s the beauty of the discovery. Humans are animals of habits, we dig a whole and we call it a home anywhere imaginable. And we look for similar emotions in the different experiences we live, just as would be the same candy dressed in a different wrapping paper.

I’m giving myself away here! You will follow a Golden Thread: ‘My Very Own New York City’ is pretty cozy all throughout, ironically enough for such a big and hectic place. Cozy is my thing I gotta confess. That’s the European side of me. I will take the longer route to walk the cute, human size pebblestone street rather than the freeway.

On that route I have created, I found some treasures: here is the first one.


Le Grand Strip (The Big Strip-tease)

My All time Fav vintage store, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Stay tuned and follow me into New York City!

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