Focal Point: What You Need to Know About Area Rugs

If your home feels like it’s missing something, chances are you don’t have good area rugs. As silly as that sounds, rugs are pretty powerful decorating tools: they can tie together different colour schemes and textures, add warmth to a bland room, add depth and layers, and even create a focal point on a budget (so you don’t have to spend a small fortune on fancy artwork). Beautiful rugs placed strategically throughout your house can help make it a home, and these easy tips show you just how to do that.


1. Kitchen
Kitchens are usually very open, sterile spaces that don’t give off a tonne of warmth. Rugs can help you create an inviting kitchen, as long as you use them right: you’ll want a rug that’s easy to clean, and that gives the room a pop of colour (otherwise, why not just stick with the bland, beige tiles?). Runners are a great option for kitchens because they literally pave the way to good food and company, and they’re not as big of a commitment as area rugs, so if your toddler decides today is not the day for grape juice, you won’t be out several hundred dollars.


2. Bedroom
Rugs are the perfect piece for bedrooms because they help dampen volume and give the room a cosy, snug feel. Beds are usually the focal point in a bedroom, so rugs can contribute to emphasise that and add to the overall design of the room. A rug placed under the bed that extends a couple of feet out on each side draws your attention to that area of the room, while a rug placed on one side of the bed helps create an extra visual space that you can use as a reading nook or dressing area. Plus, the floor accessory helps keep your toes toasty when you get up in the morning, and that’s worth every penny.


3. Office
Having a home office is risky business: there are so many distractions around you that it can be impossible to focus. Surprisingly enough, rugs can help you work better in your space. They soak up excess noise (so you can sneak in some early morning conference calls without waking the family), they can amp up the professional vibe of your office, and you can swivel around and around in your desk chair while searching for inspiration without worrying about damaging your floors. A classic pattern in muted colours is a great way to make your office feel more professional, so that you feel a lot more like being productive than watching Netflix all day (or at least feel like a boss while you do).

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4. Living Room
Your living room is probably the room your family and friends spend the most time together, so you want it to be the most inviting space in the house. Rugs can make your living space incredibly stylish, but also unbelievably comfortable. Thick, shaggy rugs are divine, especially when placed strategically under the couch and coffee table to maximise your relaxation zone (this is totally a thing). A large area rug is fantastic for drawing attention to the centre of the room, while round or oval rugs can create interesting, individual spaces throughout the room—such as a window nook with a bookshelf and armchair, or a cosy fireplace/love seat space.

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