Fashion Trend Alert: Wearing Gym Wear Beyond the Gym

Fashion Trend Alert Wearing Gym Wear Beyond the Gym

Long gone are the days when gym wear meant donning a leotard over leggings in bright colors and strutting your stuff to Jane Fonda. These days, the sportswear industry has taken huge leaps and made gym wear as fashionable as any other formal wear.

Blending practicality with style, the sportswear industry has given women the chance to feel less frumpy in gym wear and encouraged them to want to workout, thanks to the incredible designs they are producing. So good is gym wear looking these days that women are choosing to wear these clothes beyond the doors of the gym.

From the biggest supermodels to the most famous fashion bloggers; street style mavens and magazine editors, it seems that everyone is incorporating gym wear in their everyday look whether they are heading for a workout or not. We wanted to celebrate this innovative trend in fashion but listing down a few ways you can rock gym wear in style.

Camilla Pants - Joggers with Heels
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Joggers with heels

When you want to channel chic and effortless style then pairing joggers with heels is the way to go. Joggers with a side panel in leather or another colour will make you stand out as a true style star. Not only are they utterly on trend but joggers are super comfortable to wear for long days sitting at your desk.

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Leather jacket over your gym outfit

When you have a hundred errands to run after your workout, then throwing a leather jacket over your yoga pants and tank top is the way to look super stylish without having to bring along another set of clothes. Go for dark leather like black and maybe even try a cropped version of the leather jacket.

The Upside Gym Wear - Knits
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Pair your gym wear with knits

If you are not a leather kind of girl or the weather is super cold, then pairing knitwear over your gym wear is another way to go. Try cable knit cardigans over long sleeved skirts and joggers. You can also go for chunky knits paired with tight yoga pants. Always pair something loose with something tight because if everything you wear is too loose then you are more likely to look frumpy.

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Try your sneakers with a great day dress

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you should not have missed the fact that there is one fashion trend that has given a break to the soles of our feet. From the street style of Paris fashion week to the hottest Instagram accounts, pairing sneakers with a dress is a fashion statement many women are making. This is a tricky trend to master. Make sure you wear a dress that is super flattering for your body shape and wear sneakers that will complement the dress without having too much of a high top.

I don’t know about you but I love this moment in fashion! Gym wear is giving us all a chance to rest our feet from those high heels and giving us the opportunity to feel more comfortable while still looking utterly stylish and on trend.

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