Beach Wedding Make-up Tips For Brides


Hmm! So you and your fiancée have finalized the serenity and openness of a beach for your wedding day but the summery heat is making you worried sick. Though you are good at putting on make-up but the beach climate is puzzling you in finalizing the right mix of cosmetics. Read this article and you will have no more worries.

First off, check out the venue. For example, if you have selected one of the best long island wedding venues surrounded by water, I would suggest you to have an evening wedding. This will save you from the peak sunshine hours. Now for the right mix of cosmetics that you should use, take a gander at the following information.

PRIMER is “prime”

Primers basically make your face look less oily and make the make-up last really long. You should use both foundation and eyelid primers. The latter ensures that your eye shadow doesn’t accumulate in the creases and ruin your look.

Select the right FOUNDATION

The rule of the thumb for a beach wedding says, use a light foundation. But if your complexion is good, you can try your hands at other options like tinted moisturizer or a little concealer and BB cream. It is extremely important to pick the right foundation that is made for your skin type. For example, if you have a oily skin, use matt cream foundation but if your skin is dry or normal, use a liquid foundation. Use powder, only if you need it.

Don’t scare others with your EYES

Nothing can be more embarrassing than seeing your eye make-up running towards your cheeks. This happens when you cake-up your eyes. Use neutral eye shadows for a beach wedding such as rose, golden, bronze and pale golds. Keep it simple, add liquid eye liner to the upper lid. Lavender, peach, pink and sky blue are beach colors. But if they do not match your skin tone, you can try silver, gold or purple. Avoid using the liner on the lower eye lid. End it with a waterproof mascara.

HIGHLIGHT it right

A highlighter adds instant freshness when applied on brow bones, cheekbones (only at the top), inner corner of eyes and on top of the Cupid’s bow. Shimmery highlighter should be used for an evening wedding. Use a highlighter which is a shade lighter.


A blushing bride looks really beautiful. Whether or not your cheeks are turning pink, you should carry a look that entices your guest and not to forget the GROOM.


The last thing on the list is the lips. Apply natural shades but if you wanna pop up your look, red is the best. Don’t overdo gloss. This may start running down and ruin it for you. Just apply a tiny amount at the bottom. Period!

Blotting papers or powdered blotting sheets

This is the last tip. Keep a handful of blotting paper or powdered blotting sheets. These would help you in removing the extra shine from your face or clean smudged make-up.

Hope you are well equipped with the information you needed.


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